Brisbane, Australia

Who we are

We are a vibrant team of artists. Hand picked for their Joie de Vivre. The world revolves around art and artistry, works that have never been seen before, ideas that are new. That's us. We respect and love the writings of Lewis Carroll and Hans Christian Andersen, the cleverness of Leonard Cohen and the absoluteness of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith.

Go with us on our journey, imbibe yourself and drink in the words that we give. Make a pact to stay with us, as true fans and cohorts as we let loose on the world, new words and phrases, novel and true ideas, great and wonderful stories. We write them for us, not you, not me.

Our Team

Nick Disbray

A true genius of our times.


Always the editor in chief.


LA picture of the fantastic.


Creator of many stories and worlds.

News About Nick

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About Disbray Publishing


First and foremost, I'm a songwriter, recording artist and performer.


I set up my Publishing business to make my music heard.


I became a writer, a real storyteller and Author by telling Fairytales.


I'm able to find other creative artists and help them get their stories and songs heard.