Brisbane, Australia

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It's in the national interest that these Australian stories are told.

Lewis And the Book Of Secrets

Lewis wants to be a writer. His father finds him his own apartment on Coney Island for the summer. Trouble is, Lewis has never written a book before. In an old bookstore, Lewis finds an old leather bound book. When he takes it home, all the pages are blank. Will Lewis ever write his story, Or Will the story write him?

The Weather

There was a clear and definite break in The Weather. And so, they took it down to the weather repair shop and the man said, "This is not good." He went on to say, "Can you leave it here a few days? Our guy is off till Tuesday and we can't have a look at it until then." And so, The Weather was left in the shop, out the back until Tuesday.

Little Lillie, Mr Churchill and The Day the World went to Peace.

Little Lillie decides that war is bad. She writes letters to Mr Churchill and after three weeks, he sends for her. Mr Churchill asks Little Lillie to speak at the United Nations. Lillie helps to change the world.

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